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Ekol develops a result-oriented risk approach to complex claims and provides reactive claim management services. The first unchanging step of Claim Management is Root Cause Analysis. As a solution partner, Ekol operates with IGC Consulting, specializing only in Root Cause Analysis. Ekol conducts Proximate Cause Analysis by associating Root Cause revealed by IGC experts with the policy. Thus, unlike traditional structure, provides a quality service reaching the fastest and most accurate reason within scientific, technical and legal framework.

Root Cause assessment and recourse evaluation are among the most significant issues in insurance industry in Turkey. Since the real causes of damage are not determined in many claim files, incorrect indemnity interpretations are made and recourse opportunities are often overlooked.

Being aware of the importance of the root cause and recourse assessment for the sector, which requires high knowledge and experience, being a solution partner with IGC Consulting enables Ekol to assess the root cause of the damage concretely and objectively through scientific methods, regardless of the extent of the damage. It eliminates uncertainties in the legal process with this structure and adopts a much more objective approach.

Fields of Expertise
Ekol develops a result-oriented risk approach to complex claims and provides reactive claim management services.
Professional services for all kinds of damages related to the freight sector, one of the most important factors of land, air and marine traffic. More...
In addition to the claim process management performed in order to minimize damage or loss with rapid and accurate intervention with the determination of accidents, collisions and the resultant physical damages; - Sea, road and load suitability analysis,
- Stacking, packaging and lashing conformity analysis, Sea, transit and air transport specialties,
- Protection measures and rescue facility analysis, Analysis of financial liabilities against third parties,
- Cargo Analysis and Salvage Assessment,
- Responsibilities arising from environmental pollution during transportation of hazardous substances, oil etc. are performed.
Fire, Act of God, Accident & Theft
Ekol has extensive experience and know-how in complex claims management, and provides claims management services for various institutions and organizations, including industrial facilities, airports, hotels, shopping malls, hospitals in fire branch. More...
As a pioneer in the sector in process and cost management in fire branch, Ekol cooperates with professional experts, specialists and solution partners in laboratory examinations for root cause and proximate cause analysis. Ekol, dominating the dynamics of the region in the Middle East, where terrorist acts are extensive, plays a role in the management of damages caused by terrorist acts. Damages caused by ISIS terrorist organization in Middle Eastern countries, Terrorist acts in Eastern and Southeastern Regions, Railway station explosions and Kızılay explosions in our capital, damages occurred during July 15th Terrorist incidents were successfully managed. At the same time, conducting explosion analyzes in collaboration with experts, regional impact approaches were developed. Ekol conducts regional studies on catastrophic claims management at a macro-scale. Catastrophic claims management processes such as 2011 Van Earthquake, Flood Disaster in Eastern Europe in 2014, 2017 Istanbul Storm, 2017 Snow Disasters in Turkey were successfully concluded. Ekol took an active role in ensuring the coordination of claims management with regional risk models.
Consisting of specialists in Civil Engineering, Machinery, Automotive, Chemistry, Agricultural Machinery, Mining, Geology and Environmental Engineers, as well as members specialized in IT, Database, Electrical & Electronics, Automation, Mechatronics, Ekol engineering team managed national and international claims processes. More...
In addition to engineering damages in mines, power plants, machinery manufacturing sectors, Ekol performs claims assessment, damage root cause analysis, recourse assessment of many projects such as bridge, viaduct, tunnel, road, water retention structure, factory, shopping mall constructions. With 25 years of experience, it provides engineering risk and claims management services in the military and defense industry. Combining the experience and knowledge gained in the defense industry with the follow-up of current technologies, Ekol continues to lead the school it created in the sector. At the same time, Ekol has successfully completed many claims management processes specialized in Aerospace industries. Among the solution partners in Engineering Branch; - Engineering Chambers,
- Leading universities in Turkey
– Academicians and Experts
– Institute of Forensic Sciences are included.
By conducting examinations and models in the laboratory with solution partners, precise result-oriented studies are carried out regarding root cause and proximate cause analysis. As a result of the studies based on the concrete data obtained, the coverage and recourse opportunity assessments are made. Various measuring equipment utilized by specialists during surveys, ensures net damage determination at the incident scene and root cause data are recorded. Thermal cameras, drones, Schmidt hammer, stroboscopes, battery analyzers, ammeters, vibration meters are just a few of the countless measurement and test devices utilized in claims assessment.
Process management is carried out for liability claims such as Executive Liability, Employer Financial Liability, Third Party Liability, Product Liability, Professional Liability. More...
In addition to these;
- Analysis of liabilities arising from product sales contracts & product development
– Analysis of liabilities arising from B/L and C/P contracts
– Analysis of liabilities arising from service contracts
– Analysis of grievances within the scope of compulsory liability insurance are conducted.
Loan and Finance / Breach of Trust & Legal Protection and Support
Loan and Finance & Breach of Trust & Legal Protection and Support specialties include; More...
Quantity and quality surveys, Scope analyzes based on Insurance Law and general terms of insurance, Investigation and examination expertise, Dispute arbitration, Court expertise, Alternative solutions and mediation, Analysis based on loan and leasing agreements, Analysis based on purchase and leasing agreements, Stock and asset analysis. Ekol has specialized in Loss of Profit & Business Interruption (Indirect Losses), in assessment and analysis of business interruptions, resulting in loss of profit and financial losses and increasing costs. Especially has vast experience in loss of profit coverage, which is in agenda in Energy Sector. On the other hand, Ekol examines various damages in industrial facilities regarding the loss of profit resulting from machinery breakdown.
Aircraft, Marine Vessel and Railway Vehicles
Providing condition, value and damage analysis services on air and marine vehicles such as vessels, boats, planes etc. Ekol specializes in railway structures and vehicles and has been performing risk and claims management for all rail systems for more than 15 years.