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Ekol has been providing risk analysis and management services for more than 25 years.

The risks are analysed based on the possibility of occurrence and the impacts of consequences of the identified risks. Risk matrixes are prepared based on elements of threat which determine the general risk ratio and priority of the measures to be taken. Loss scenarios such as MFL, PML, NLE are prepared to determine the maximum and expected loss ratios.

Ekol Risk Team is trained on international standards as NFPA, EN and local standards. Our engineers are certified for each sector, identifies, analyses, assesses and manages risks of fire / explosion, acts of god, theft, business continuity, liability specific to each industry such as manufacturing, storage, high rises, iconic structures, construction, power issuing the report on risk transferability for sharing information with underwriters, brokers, insurance companies and the insured.

Ekol Risk Team is in full cooperation with Ekol Claims team and benefits from its extensive experience gained through loss adjusting & claims management which supports to develop approaches specific to each industry helping in fulfilling its aim of identification of risks and their reduction.


Organizational and engineering measures are researched and realistic, reactive and proactive solutions are proposed to eliminate, if possible, or at least minimize the risk to an acceptable level.

Continuous monitoring and consultancy ensure sustainability through monitoring the applications proposed to and shared with the facilities after the risk is taken under control. It provides sustainable risk management through annual or instant monitoring and audit activities based on changes applied.

Ekol provides trainings to clients and prepares risk management programs based on international standards mainly as NFPA, IBC, EN...

Middle East, Europe and Turkic Republics are the main areas of activity of Ekol, which has completed many national and international risk management processes.

- Ekol Risk is the professional and international risk engineering business partner you can rely on.
Managed Sectors
Middle East, Europe and Turkic Republics are the main areas of activity of Ekol, which has completed many national and international risk management processes.
Specialized in all types of power plants such as Hydroelectric, Solar, Wind, Geothermal, Biogas, Thermal, Nuclear Power Plants, the team provides risk management services in all power plants.
Ekol produces solutions to examine projects and applications from different aspects such as design and assembly, to identify risks and to take necessary precautions during the project phase, construction phase and afterwards. Risks are analyzed in all construction projects and structures especially Road / Bridge / Tunnel Constructions, Power Plant Constructions, Railway Constructions, Water Structures, Mall Constructions, Industrial Facilities.
Ekol has specialized in post-disaster claims management, as well as in the determination and analysis of catastrophic hazards that differ due to global warming and new risk factors arising therefrom. It offers real solutions for the detection, modeling and reduction of possible damages of catastrophic hazards that could cause regional effects when materialized such as Earthquake, Flood, Overflow, Snow, Storm, Landslide, Tsunami.
Ekol aims to prevent all kinds of indirect losses such as possible physical damages and related loss of profit, primarily the life safety of the employees and the continuity of the business, by determining the current risks of the facilities defined as textile, wood, plastic and chemical high risk facilities. Risk analyses are performed in facilities with high risk factors such as plastic, chemical, textile, wood, explosive, paper manufacturing companies with our specialist team certified with international standards such as VDS and NFPA, taking into account local regulations and services are provided for the management of identified risks.
Ekol has provided expertise in the management of Terrorism / Sabotage risks thanks to its command of the local dynamics of the region and guides the companies that will invest in Turkey and the Middle East in managing existing risks.
Indirect losses have a high negative impact on businesses. The indirect losses resulting from physical damages are generally higher than the physical damages themselves. Among these, there are losses such as breaking the global supply chain, loss of market, loss of brand value. Ekol’s risk team aims to prevent potential losses through comprehensive risk assessments, taking into account bottlenecks in facilities, suppliers and financial structures of businesses.
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